Online Horse Betting in the United States: Is It Authorized?

The legality of online horse betting in the US may come as a surprise to some. Yes, at sites authorized and regulated within the USA, real money wagering on horse races is perfectly legal for residents of the USA.

Online wagering on horse and greyhound races is the only form of gaming not prohibited by U.S. federal law. While the US government has recently cracked down on other forms of online gambling, including the UIGEA, online horse race betting has been quietly spared.


The legality of online horse betting in the United States is ultimately up to each individual state. So, while betting on horses is sanctioned on the national level, this does not necessarily translate to state-level approval. Horse racing wagering is legal in the majority of US states. Check out this website to learn which states permit online horse betting.


Tracks Across the USA to Bet on Horses

Online horse betting for real money is available at a number of sites based in the United States. The following are some of my favorites:

All of these sites have tight regulation in the United States, which is a big plus. You can wager with complete peace of mind knowing that each of these services must adhere to stringent gaming laws. All of these sites are U.S.-based and fully compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.


The convenience of making deposits and withdrawals to and from your betting account is another perk of using the aforementioned services. Due to the US government’s approval of these sites, deposits can be made instantly using a variety of payment methods.


Last but not least, you can watch horse races in real time at any of the aforementioned betting sites. In other words, you may now bet and watch the races live on your computer. This is the next best thing to being at a real racetrack if you don’t have easy access to one. Streaming these games online comes at no additional cost.


As a nation, why do we allow horse races?

If other forms of online gambling are illegal in the US, why is horse betting online permitted? Well, the short explanation is bribery. Those who advocate for outlawing all forms of online gambling have also managed to secure legal protections for online horse betting. The US legal system, alas, isn’t always founded on what is fair or logical.


Proponents of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) made the ludicrous argument that a ban was necessary to prevent children from being exposed to gambling, to protect degenerate gamblers, and to prevent terrorists from launder money. Nonetheless, the same people excused horse betting as well.


The money is the driving factor. Given the importance of horse betting to state budgets, it’s no surprise that the authors of the UIGEA exempted horse racing betting from the law’s restrictions. It’s absurd, but at least there’s internet horse betting.


The good news for those who enjoy wagering on horse races is that you may do so legally in the majority of states. While online horse betting is only legal in a handful of states, bettors in the rest of the country have access to off-track betting at any of the country’s major race tracks.


Where You Can Bet on Horses Online

It’s easier to find a state that allows online horse betting than one that doesn’t. Therefore, I’ve compiled a short list of states that DO NOT permit online horse betting:






A New Jersey


Carolina del Norte

Carolina del Sur



Please be aware that it was difficult for me to track down this data, therefore I cannot guarantee that this list of states will always be accurate. Visit one of my suggested horse betting sites and see whether you can sign up even if you live in one of the banned states listed above. Please let me know if you see a mistake in my list.






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