A Review of the Five Pirates Slot Machine

Lightning Box, an Australian studio, has created more than 50 different video slots, including the exciting Five Pirates slot game. You’ll be giggling all the way to the treasure chest with 1024 ways to win and max wagers of up to C$350. I meant financial institution. Without a doubt.

The Five Pirates Slot Machine: Additional Information

The founders of Lightning Box Games are veterans of the gaming industry, having worked at Aristocrat and IGT before starting their own company. Their games are recognized for their unique art style, often featuring animal protagonists. Redroo, with its scary Kangaroo mascot, AstroCat, Panda Pow, and Silver Lion are just a few examples of this trend in video games. The anthropomorphic lion of Las Vegas, Leo, has nothing on this true king of the jungle.



Like its predecessor, Five Pirates offers amusing, if slightly off-kilter, slot machine fare. Lightning Box employs a staff of slightly offbeat content writers, as befits the slightly offbeat nature of their games. As a fellow author, I say this with the highest regard. Their website provides a brief synopsis of the game as follows:


Say it with me now: “Wild pirates and winsome wenches lead you to the rum barrel reserve and a rollicking good time!”


Those who can write with such sublime alliteration are worthy of utmost respect.

Which Characteristics of Five Pirates Are There?


The Five Pirates slot machine is a 45 machine, meaning it has 5 reels and more than 1024 chances to win. With so many ways to win, even seasoned gamblers might occasionally be surprised by a pay line that unexpectedly hits. Wild and Scatter icons are present in the game. The Wild appears on reels 2 and 4, and it may replace any other symbol outside the Scatter. The visage of a youthful man pirate stands for the wild.


Scatter is represented as a shamrock that has been altered somewhat. The skull is armed with two scythe-like blades and a pirate’s helmet adorned with feathers. To begin, you’ll win x2000 your initial wager if the scatter symbol appears on all five reels. Then, play a selection of exciting additional games. The Hold N Spin bonus round is activated by getting two, three, or four scatter symbols across the first reel from left to right. Holding down 5 reels activates the Barrel bonus. But I’ll get into it below.


In addition to the standard A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 symbols, Five Pirates also include a Galleon, a bear wearing a bandana (of course), a macaw, a treasure map, and a cannon.


For the full 1024 possibilities to win, players must wager 50 coins. There is a cap of C$7 per coin. The highest possible wager is 750, or C$350.


Added Value Functions

Five Pirates’ extra features may be broken down into two main categories: the Hold N Spin extra and the Barrel Bonus.


Scatter symbols in Hold N Spin resemble scrolls of parchment. Then, you can get up to three free tries at it again. If you obtain another scatter symbol while you’re in the middle of a respin, your Hold N Spins will go back to 3.


The Barrel Bonus Round is triggered if you receive scattered parchments on all five reels. Each player begins by picking one of five possible paths. Limits on the number of free spins and multipliers are also adjustable. Players have the option of selecting a high multiplier for a smaller number of free games or vice versa. Alternatively, you might have fewer free games but a higher multiplier for each one.


The goal of the game is to move up the stack of boxes by making random selections. You can go on to the following round if the box shows an arrow. If it turns up a cross, the game is over and each participant gets their current score. Players may then engage in the bonus games, where they can win up to 15 free spins and a 15x multiplier.


Play the Five Pirates Slot Machine Play at Will

A demo version of Five Pirates may be played at a variety of gambling websites. Casumo is one site where you may play without spending a dime. Most regulatory codes state that the RTP and gameplay must be same to, and as random as, the real-money version. Five Pirates has a return to player percentage of 95.49%.


A Brief Overview of the Five Pirates by

Playing Five Pirates Slot is just as entertaining as the antics of those swashbuckling buccaneers. The 1024 ways to win are the game’s major selling factor, along with the game’s balanced regular gameplay and extra features. You can play Five Pirates just about everywhere. You are free to gamble as much as you like without ever having to worry about meeting any kind of stipulation. To jump right into your Five Pirates adventure, just click the Play Now button below.



Exceptional potential payoff

Play for free

Bonuses and multipliers that come out of nowhere


ROI that’s below par

Extremely unsteady






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